The Blackville Area Historical Society


Local Citizens Who Served in The US Military During World War II.


 This global conflict that changed the world in so many ways took place from September 1, 1939, through September 2, 1945. The US actively entered the war after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. That event changed the lives and future for most Americans, including those featured in this exhibit. 


Often referred to as “the greatest generation,” the men and women who served our nation played a crucial role in the victory of the US and its allies. We felt it important to exhibit information about these local heroes as most of them have passed away. The younger generations need to be made aware of the many sacrifices that were made by so many for freedom around the globe.


 Family members graciously contributed information, photographs, and memorabilia for this special display. We regret any inadvertent omissions of local people who served during the war